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Our Advantages

Our Advantages

Why study at The Art Institute of Vancouver?

Every student is here to learn from the experienced faculty. They’ve come for industry skills and connections they’ll get. But they’re also here for the gear: the equipment and resources it takes to create a professional end result.

At The Art Institute of Vancouver, you’ll learn what it takes to become a creative professional. Here, you’ll learn how to create a portfolio that shows what you can do. That’s called having an edge. Standing out. And offering employers the kind of talent they’re looking for.

What separates us from other institutions?

Professionalism. Industry informs us that the key indicators of life-long success are attitude, team skills and a strong work ethic. We believe that they are just as important to success as exceptional technical and artistic skills. Our instructors work hard to impress upon students the importance of good communication skills, a goal-oriented mindset and strong team skills. We encourage students to be adaptable, have a positive attitude and be accountable for their actions.

Many faculty members have professional as well as academic experience, and many continue to remain active in their fields. An appropriate mix of full-time and adjunct faculty infuse our competency-based academic curricula with real-world experience, creating an atmosphere that fosters student success.

Programs are carefully defined with the support and contributions of leading members of the professional community. Curricula are reviewed often to ensure they meet the needs of a changing employment marketplace and prepare graduates for entry-level positions in their chosen fields.