Acting 1 - 5

No one has ever had to push you out onto a stage. That’s your comfort zone, a platform where you can express your creativity and showcase your talents. An audience energizes you; you thrive on their applause. If you have the courage to pursue your goal of performing as a professional in theatre, film or television, you’re looking at a career path that’s as intense and competitive as it is rewarding. You should prepare yourself with an education designed to match. In our Acting degree programs, under the direction of award-winning theatre, film, and television actor and director Dr. William "Bill" Dow, Program Coordinator for General Education and Acting Director at The Art Institute of Vancouver, you’ll be surrounded and inspired by other talented, creatively driven students who share your goal. And you’ll be pushed, challenged, and, above all else, supported by experienced faculty who are all about helping you go as far as your talent—and a little luck—will take you.

This is a series of five dynamic, innovative theatre programs committed to classical technique and core physical training, through a contemporary theatre lens. The programs create a rigorous and playful environment which encourages the student actor to think critically and creatively, and to consider how life and theatre intersect. The programs assemble an experienced faculty who are dedicated to teaching and many of whom maintain an active career. Our faculty includes nationally and internationally recognized theater/film professionals.

* This program is delivered by The Art Institute of Vancouver Inc., PTIB Designated Institution ID-00045 and located at 2665 Renfrew St, Vancouver, BC, V5M 0A7. LaSalle College and the LaSalle College logo are trademarks of LaSalle International Inc. and used under licence by The Art Institute of Vancouver Inc.

This program consists of 12 credits over 1 quarters.

There are five Acting certificate programs set at different levels of experience. Each program consists of 12 academic credits and lasts for one 12-week quarter. Admission to each program beyond level 1 is based on successful completion of the previous level and/or permission of the department head.

The curriculum focuses on the creative process an actor must go through in order to work in the industry (theatre, film and television), and the knowledge of theatre history that is essential to becoming a skilled and useful professional. It also invites students to develop original material and their own innovative staging ideas. Students encounter both contemporary and classical writing. The program comprises movement, voice production, physical theatre, scene study, and film acting techniques as well as theatre history and evolving devising methodologies in world theatre. Community visibility is built through a mentorship program with professional actors, required theatre attendance, professional guest directors, development of business skills and audition techniques.


  • Course Code Course Name Credits
  • Text and Speech
  • Introduction to Voice and Movement
  • History of Drama I
  • Introduction to Physical Theatre


  • Course Code Course Name Credits
  • Acting Technique - Objectives
  • Voice and Movement I
  • History of Drama II
  • Physical Theatre - Objectives


  • Course Code Course Name Credits
  • The Business of Acting
  • Introduction to Acting for the Camera
  • Physical Theatre, Text, and Performance
  • Advanced Voice and Movement


  • Course Code Course Name Credits
  • Voice and Movement II
  • Rehearsal and Performance


  • Course Code Course Name Credits
  • Voice and Movement III
  • Film Intensive: Company