Graphic Design
Advanced Diploma

Advanced Graphic Design is a user-centred design program that will provide graphic design graduates with the opportunity to expand upon their graphic design skills by acquiring web development and design skills. Students in this program will build interactive applications for web delivery. In addition, students will foray into interactive design technologies that encompass video production, scripting languages, and dynamic web design.

This program consists of 30 credits over 2 quarters.

Program outcomes are focused on creativity, design strategy, and technology solutions across media platforms. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment as freelance web design and developers and in the field of interactive design.

  • Introduction to Video Production
  • Introduction to Scripting Languages
  • Design Layout I
  • Introduction to User Centred Design
  • Desktop Video
  • Designing for Dynamic Websites
  • Senior Research
  • Senior Project
  • Portfolio
  • Interactive Motion Scripting

Advanced Diploma

In order to be admitted to the Advanced Graphic Design program, students must have completed either the Graphic Design diploma program or the Graphic Design & Foundation for Design diploma program at The Art Institute of Vancouver, or have the permission of the Academic Chair. The prerequisites for GD414 and WS221 are satisfied by completing the Graphic Design & Foundation for Design diploma program.